Holden HT

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Holden HT

1969 - 1970
6 & 8 cyl.
161/186 6 cyl; 253/308/350 V8
95kW 186 & 188kW 327
3/4 spd man.; 2 spd. Powerglide
Top Speed:
Number Built:
3 star
Another year, another facelift. The obligatory revisions to the grille and tail lights were completed, but Holden needed to advertise that there were some 65 major improvements over the previous HK model for the buying public to take notice.

The most noteable change was the dumping of the all metal grille, Holden opting to use an ABS plastic one on lower end models. Less noticeable was the squared off boot lid, borrowed from the HK Brougham.

The 6 cylinder engine lineup remained unchanged, but Holden dumped the imported 5 liter 307 in favour of its two locally manufactured V8's, the 253 and 308. The Chev 350 was retained for the GTS350.

Initially the 308 was only fitted to the Brougham, while supplies of the imported 5 liter 307 were used up in the sedans. Once these were used, the 308 V8s were then made available as an option on all models.

Ride quality and NVH was improved on the HT with the introduction of neoprene rubber inner front suspension bushes which replaced the steel bushings used in the HK.

And at long last Holden standardised the manual transmission incorporating a fully synchro 3 speed column shift rather than the earlier "find and grind" type used in earlier models.

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