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One of the pioneering British automobile manufacturers. Started out making bicycles in 1867, amoung them the Pennington 3-wheeler. Released their own single cylinder car in 1899, then experimented with front-wheel-drive and shaft-driven DeDion powered cars. Took control of truck manufacturer Commer in 1926 and Hillman two years later. Introduced the larger 6 cylinder Humbers in 1930, but was taken over by the Rootes group in 1932. The wonderful unitary constructed 4 cylinder Hawk was released in 1957, alongside the similarly bodied 6 cylinder Super Snipe. The Humber identity was lost during the 1960's as the cars became re-badged Hillman's. When Chrysler took control of Rootes they allowed the marque to fade into obscurity.

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Humber Hawk  

Humber Hawk

1957 - 1967
While the Hawk was generally a sound and solid car, there were some minor irritations noted by motoring journalists of the era. These included a sub-standard rear view mirror, poor gear ratios and heavy steering. Many of these minor issues were remedied with the release of the Series 1A in 1959. More >>
Humber Super Snipe

Humber Super Snipe Series I - V

1958 - 1967
The Series I Super Snipe was introduced in 1958 with a 2655cc Six Cylinder engine, and sharing the same bodyshell as its smaller engined stablemate, the Humber Hawk, which used a 2267 cc four cylinder engine. Although mainly sold as a "saloon", other versions of the vehicle included the "limouisine" and "estate" models. More >>
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