Renault 6

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Renault 6

1968 - 1971
4 cyl.
747 cc
24 bhp
3 spd. man
Top Speed:
120 km/h
Number Built:
2 star
Renault 6
The Renault 6 was designed to supercede the Renault 4, and part of its design brief was that it should be larger, better looking and more luxurious - and thus more expensive.

Initially introduced on the Salon d'Automobile in Paris in 1968, the R6 was technically the same as the R4, with a changed front wheel suspension, which was also changed for the R4 from that date, but the bodywork was much like a small R16.

It had the 845 cm�, which was the same engine as found in the R4 and Dauphine and originated in the 4CV engine.

At the Paris Motorshow of 1970 a new version of the R6 was introduced, which featured a larger capacity 1108 cm� Sierra or Cl�on engine, from the R8 Major, an engine originally introduced in the R8 in 1962.

The car had a new gearbox, with a different shifting pattern, it had front disc brakes, and a different cooling system, with an electrically driven fan with thermoswitch. The radiator was placed directly behind the grille, and not immediately ahead of the engine.

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