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Started as a small concern for the giant Fuji Heavy Industries, manufacturing a moped named the 'Rabbit' in 1956, followed by its first real car, the 360, a few years later. During the 1960's manufactured the full-sized FE saloon followed by the updated FF Leone coupe. Entered the performance car segment in the 1980's with the turbocharged XT coupe. The 'Legacy' was released in 1989, Subaru once again raising the bar in terms of quality and performance.

Most noted for the famed 'Boxer' engine, which found success in World Rally competition, went on to release the immensely popular 'Impreza' range in 1992 - although these first cars were simply a Legacy with a shortened floorpan. The iconic 'Impreza WRX' became an instant hero-car, bringing an aura to the marque that remains to this day.
Subaru 360  

Subaru 360

1958 - 1970
As cars have become cheaper, it is easy to forget that there was a time when the average car represented a huge capital investment for the average person, and cars in Japan could easily cost more than the average house! So it was that in the mid 1950's, the engineers at Fuji Jidosha (later Fuji Heavy Industries) set about creating a low cost car "for the masses". More >>
Subaru 1000  

Subaru 1000

1966 - 1969
Aimed at the domestic Japanese family car market (the car was not exported), the Subaru 1000 was available in two-door, four-door or station wagon body styles. Subaru were becoming well known for their flat-four water-cooled engine in the front driving the front wheels, in this case the engine developing 55 bhp net from 977cc. More >>
Subaru FF-1  

Subaru FF-1

1969 - 1971
That the Subaru FF-1 was an outstanding product of Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd., helped ensure the marques success both here in Australia, and the world. At its introduction in 1969, prices ranged from $1895 tax paid, cheap but certainly not nasty. More >>
Subaru Leone  

Subaru Leone

1971 - 1979
While Fuji Heavy Industries has gone on to manufacture high quality, high performance and extremely well polished cars today, during the 1970's the Leone was not all that well sorted. The car lacked refinement, NVH was high, the seats uncomfortable and the frameless doors added to the feeling of the car being very "lightweight and tinny". Soon rust would become the early model Leone's biggest enemy, and seeing one on the roads today would be an extremely rare occurence. More >>
Subaru Brumby  

Subaru Brumby

1974 - 1979
After only a few short years of distribution in Australia, Subaru quickly garnered a level of enthusiasm rarely found in Australia for Japanese cars, although it certainly nowhere near that for the revered Aussie sizes and bent eights. Most found the Subaru simply “unusual and mechanically interesting”, and who could blame them. More >>
Sunbaru Sherpa  

Subaru Sherpa

1982 - 1989
Unlike today, buying a good quality small car in the 1980's was not so easy. Those in the know will tell you that there was one stand-out car, the zippy little Subaru Sherpa. The car had quickly become the micro-mini market leader in the Japanese domestic market, and with good reason. More >>
Sunbaru Liberty  

Subaru Liberty

1989 - 1993
The first generation Subaru Liberty was introduced in 1989 as both a 4 door sedan and wagon. The name of Liberty was chosen for the Australian market over the overseas name of Legacy, owing to the Legacy organisation in Australia which assists war veterans and their families. More >>
Sunbaru Liberty (generation 2)  

Subaru Liberty (gen 2)

1994 - 1998
In 1994 Subaru released the Generation 2 Liberty. The new model carried over the conservative styling, with most commentators of the day describing it as an evolution rather than a revolution. This was something that, until now, had been the styling methodology applied to car design by the more prestigous European marques, and it seemed totally out of character for a Japanese manufacturer. More >>
Sunbaru Liberty (generation 3)  

Subaru Liberty (gen 3)

1999 - 2003
In 2001 Subaru released the wonderful (read awesome) Liberty "B4". Powered by the EJ20B 69H turbocharged, intercooler, DOHC, 16-valve, 2-liter engine (it being the same basic design as the engine found in the Impreza WRX and the Generation 1 Liberty RS), the B4 quickly became king of the wagons, a real drivers car with blistering performance. More >>
Sunbaru Liberty (generation 4)  

Subaru Liberty (gen 4)

2004 -
In 2003 Subaru released the Generation 4 Liberty. The styling of this model was a further evolution, exuding both elegance and simplicity of form from an understated profile of clean lines, reminiscent of the current crop of Audi's. More >>
Sunbaru Impreza WRX

Subaru Impreza WRX

1992 -
The first WRX was launched in 1992 as the (far) hottest version of the very-ordinary Impreza sedan. Powered by a turbocharged 2.0-liter 16-valve boxer engine and putting all 240 horsepower to ground via the permanent 4-wheel drive, it immediately established itself as true drivers vehicle and modern classic. More >>
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