British and Australian Car Spotters Guide - 1959

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1960 Alfa Romeo 1900


The Ascort was an Australian automobile manufactured by Continental Coachwork of Sydney from 1958 to 1960. Basically a modified VW Beetle, the four-seater touring coupe featured a roomy, double-skinned body made out of fiberglass; it was remarkably well conceived and appointed. The 1·2-liter Beetle engine was modified using an Okrasa kit to produce 54bhp. The vehicle's total weight was 33% less than that of a standard sedan, which made for brisk acceleration. More than a dozen cars were built before the project collapsed.
1959 Holden FC Sedan

FC Holden

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The FC Holdens interior featured better seat and door trims and a new vertical-bar radio-speaker grille. The FC's interior trim featured more pleating than the FE's by using narrower strips on the seats. The drivers seating position was improved and the new steering wheel with a half horn ring (instead of the FE's full ring) made for better visibility of the instruments. GMH didn't stop there, and added extra "hooding" around the instruments to help cut down on distracting reflections.
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