Australian Car Spotters Guide - 1962

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Bolwell Mk IV

Bolwell Mark IV

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The Bolwell Mk IV can be considered the first serious commercial model to be released, following the previous "hobby" versions. The Mk IV was manufactured in component form and sold as a kit, meaning the purchaser had to either assemble the car themselves, or pay someone to do it. This slight draw-back did, however, come with a few advantages, not the least of which was that the purchaser was then able to choose their favorite engine, gearbox, and other components they wanted in their vehicle. Although the car was designed for a Ford Cortina 1600cc 4 cylinder engine, other alternatives were available including the Peugeot 4 cylinder, Ford Falcon and Holden grey six cylinder engines.
1962 Chrysler R Series Valiant

Chrysler Valiant R Series

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Understanding the R series Valiant requires taking a look back in time so that the car can be put into perspective. In the early 1960’s the Australian motoring landscape was filled predominantly with Holden’s and British cars, although the all new Ford Falcon XK was certainly making some inroads. Chrysler would decide to enter the foray in January 1962 with their unquestionably superior R Series. The stage was set for a showdown, the idiom “The Big Three” quickly entering the vocabulary of most baby boomers.
1962 Ford Cortina Consul Mark 1

Ford Cortina Consul

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In the late 1950’s it was apparent that the aging Anglia 105E would no longer be able to maintain it’s market share, and an all new car would be needed to help Ford compete against the likes of the Vauxhall Victor and Hillman Minx. The car was code-named “The Archbishop”, the brief to build a car that would take Ford to the number #1 position in the sales charts in the small car segment. And to do that, the engineers knew that they would have to keep the costs down, while ensuring the new car was a lively performer (particularly given the competition now included the BMC Mini. It is testament to the ingenuity in the Cortina’s original design that some 15% of the body weight was saved over the outgoing Anglia, and it used 20% fewer body parts. And of course the usual means of keeping costs down, using the parts-bin from other cars, was also used.
1962 Ford Falcon XL

XL Falcon

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The XL was introduced with some new styling changes, most notably to the grille, altering from a concave to a convex shape with recessed headlights and bumper mounted indicators. The tail lamps were revised and the rear roof line was changed to reflect Ford's "Thunderbird" style theme, which in turn created a wider rear pillar and larger rear window. But the most serious changes were made under the skin, with significant mechanical upgrades - a new gearbox, clutch, starter, air and oil filters - and an attempt to sort out the weak front suspension (this attempt was hardly successful).
1962 EJ Holden Station Wagon and Sedan

EJ Holden

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Produced between 1961 and 1963, the "EJ" was the first of a bold new shape for the Holden. Gone were the fins of the previous EK model, and a new flat boot and lower roofline was created to keep pace with the more modern looking Ford Falcons. The EJ was designed from the Opel Kapitan, but incorporated some American influence, particularly in regard to consideration of aerodynamics. The trusty "grey" motor was carried over from the previous model, albeit with a few refinements. The EJ was the first model to introduce the new luxury "Premier" model, with innovations such as full leather interiors (dropped after two years), bucket seats and a console with controls for the two speed fan heater. The Premier also featured metallic paint, a push button AM radio and arm rests on all four doors (sedan) and came standard with the Hydramatic 3 speed automatic transmission.
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