Australian Car Spotters Guide - 1970

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1970 Chrysler VG Valiant hardtop

Chrysler Valiant VG

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Those waiting anxiously for the release of the VG Valiant were in for considerable disappointment if they were expecting loads of new sheet metal. As far as updates go, externally at least, the transition from VE to VG was almost a non event. But ask any Valiant fan and they will tell you the minor body changes were not what made this model so important, and spectacular, for those with performance at heart.
1970 Chrysler VF Valiant Regal

Chrysler Valiant VG Pacer

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The VG Pacer (1970) was the first model to offer a Pacer 2 door coupe (as pictured). The VG Pacer sedans were available as the standard Pacer (245 Hemi, 185 hp with 2 bbl), E31 Pacer (High Performance 250 version of the 245, with a 2 bbl carb, about 195 hp)and the E34 Pacer (Even higher ouput version of the 250 E31 engine with a 4 bbl carb, wilder camshaft, etc, around 235 hp).
1970 Ford TC Cortina Sedan and Wagon

Ford TC Cortina

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The TC Cortina was introduced by Ford in late 1970. The base model was designated "L", while the more upmarket "XL" model featured chrome trim around the wheel arches. A 2000 XL (112 bhp @ 3500 rpm) with a GS pack could reach 113.6 mph and cover a quarter mile in 17.2 seconds, a big improvement over the Mk.II. The new model TC did not however immediately capture the heart of the buying public, with sales falling away to 12,000 after the previous models high of over 17,000 units.
1970 Ford Falcon XY Sedan

Ford Falcon XY

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The XY marked the apogee of the second generation Falcons, superior in performance to its competitors, better built, fitted with a range of locally designed six cylinder engines, and in GT form, producing the ultimate and fastest Falcon of them all. Popular with police forces, rental companies and the public at large, the XY featured a new plastic grille split in the centre and revised tail lamps. The 250ci six was now almost as big as previous V8's, and all engine and transmission combinations afforded class leading performance.

1970 Ford ZC Fairlane

ZC Fairlane

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The ZC marked the first noticable change to the Fairlane, swapping from horizontal to vertical headlamp orientation. For long a U.S. styling device, it was unusual that Ford in Australia would go to this design after it had been abandoned across the Pacific. By necessity it did raise the front wings to accomodate the lights and this gave the ZC a larger and more imposing look. As per the previous models, the Custom was fitted with the 6 cylinder motor, while the Fairlane 500 continued with the 302ci V8. Importantly, for the first time the whopping 351ci 5.75 liter V8 was available as an option.
1970 LC GTR XU-1 Torana

LC GTR XU-1 Torana

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While it is true that Harry Firth alone was not responsible for the GTR XU-1, he certainly played a very big part in the vehicles development. At the time GM were supposedly not interested in racing, and the brave souls who wrestled the likes of the S4 EH Holden and HK GTS 327 Monaro around the racing circuits of Australia did so as privateers. But things were changing in the Australian automotive landscape, and bean counters at all manufacturers were realising that track success had a very direct bearing on showroom sales. Firth, who had left the role as Ford's Team Manager to lead the newly formed Holden Dealer Team, was given the job of preperaing a car suitable to take the coveted Hardie Ferodo 1000.
1970 GTR X

LC GTR X Torana

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The Torana with the greatest reputation is, unfortunately, one that did not make it into production. Designed during the LC development, but most likely to be released alongside the new LJ models, the GTR-X used a sleek wedge-shaped body running XU-1 components under a fiberglass skin.
1970 HG Holden Kingswood Sedan

Holden HG


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The HG Holden was the final refinement of the HK-T series, and introduced the Australian-Built, three speed Tri-Matic automatic transmission to the full size Holden's. The model range was as before, with sedans, wagons, Monaro coupes and light commercial models in several levels of specification, plus the Brougham luxury saloon.
1970 HG Holden Kingswood Sedan

Holden HG Monaro


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Regarded as the most sophisticated of the early Monaro models, the HG is today one of the rarest and most sought-after of the charismatic Holden coupes. Holden designers cleverly removed the detail from the HG's rear lights, providing the illusion of extra size as the lights merged smoothly with the black GTS tail panel.
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