Australian Car Spotters Guide - 1978

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Chrysler Valiant VL

Chrysler Valiant CM

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The last re-styling and packaging of the 1971 VH design was to be seen in the CM Series Valiant – unfortunately this would also be the last of the prestigious lineage of Valiant’s that had graced our shores since 1962’s introduction of the “R” series. Chrysler had always been the weaker of the “Big Three”, and the first to succumb to the might of Japanese mimickers. Our loss was their gain – and with the CM Series the Valiant would pass into lore as one of the most robust, solid performing and elegantly beautiful cars to ever grace Australian highways.
1979 Ford Falcon XC Station Wagon

Ford Falcon XC

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The GS and Fairmont hardtop models remained in the Falcon XC lineup, although they were rather more subdued than previous iterations. A new grille was used, and the Fairmont version also gained the handsome rectangular headlights. However the interior was rather more refined, and in being so lost a little of the sportiness one had come to expect from a hardtop.
1978 Holden TD Gemini

Holden TD Gemini


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The Gemini was being upgraded and released as a new model in quick succession in the late 1970's. Just 3 years after its initial release the 3rd model was introduced as the TD. The most noticeable visual change was the introduction of more attractive and up-market looking square headlights.
1978 UC Torana Hatch

UC Torana Sedan

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The UC was unfortunately the last model in the Torana lineup. The most obvious changes over the previous model LX were in the front end re-styling, which featured a new grille and rectangular headlights. Modifications were also made to the tail-lights and interior, the latter offering increased room and superior appointments. Undeniably a more handsome car than the model it replaced, Holden decided that the UC would never be fitted with a V8. While many were left mourning the demise of the LX, the decision to drop the V8 from the options list enabled Holden engineers to make structual modifications significantly reducing body weight. This in turn led to improved performance and economy.
1978 Holden HZ Premier Station Wagon

Holden HZ Premier


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The HZ Holden range would continue to be sold alongside the new VB Commodore at its release in 1978, and would continue to sell well.

1978 Holden VB Commodore

Holden VB Commodore


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The VB Commodore of 1978 was to replace the aging HZ model, an update of the model line first introduced with the HQ Holden in 1971. The base level Commodore came with the 2.8 ltr. 6 cylinder motor coupled to a 4-speed manual transmission. Engine options available at the time of introduction included the 3.3 liter 6 cylinder and 4.2 liter V8 engines. You could also upgrade to a Tri-Matic auto, corded cloth interior, power steering and air conditioning.
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