Australian Car Spotters Guide - 1981

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1981 Ford Falcon XD Sedan

Ford Falcon XD

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Saving weight was a top priority in the design of the XD Falcon. Plastic components were used extensively, including the bumpers, grille, dash, front spoiler, and petrol tank, which all contributed towards a significant 116 kg reduction, in turn giving the XD a 10 per cent improvement in fuel economy over the XC. The previous wheelbase was retained, but the length and width were trimmed, although not at the expense of passenger space. There was even an attempt to improve the aerodynamics of the Falcon, the rear-view mirrors being an obvious candidate for a styling revision.
1981 Holden VH Commodore SL Sedan

Holden VH Commodore


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A model update from the VB, the VC's main improvement was the introduction of the "Blue" engines. The new engines represented a considerable re-design of the trusty "Red", and now featured 12 port heads and a two-barrel carburetor with new manifold. The V8's also got new heads, along with new inlet and exhaust manifolds and electronic ignition. The 253 4.2 liter V8 was also fitted with the four barrel Rochester Quadrajet carburetor, previously reserved for the 5.0 liter engine.
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