Australian Car Spotters Guide - 1987

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1984 Ford Falcon XF Sedan

Ford Falcon XF

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The XF Falcon's design was almost entirely new forward of the front pillars, and the rear had the obligatory tail lamp revision. Other less noticeable inclusions were the padded head rests, adjustable steering column on all models except the GL, and a fold down panel in the centre of the rear seat to allow long items to extend through from the boot. The Ghia went one further, fitted with beautifully elegant alloy wheels, a body colored grille, cruise control and one of the most impressive ever electronic dash displays. Having a long production run meant revisions were the order of the day, and the XF was available in Family Edition and S-Pack.
1987 Holden Camira JE

Holden JE Camira


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When, in 1987, the JE Camira was introduced the reliability and build quality issues that had plagued the previous models were to tarnish the reputation of a car that was much improved. Featuring a new 2 liter EFI engine, the JE also had upgraded suspension, enhanced noise reduction refined design ques on the exterior. For those that noted the disappearance of the grille on the previous JD model and wondered how a "facelift" could be executed, well in the case of the JE Holden simply put it back, albiet a very small one.
1987 Holden VL Commodore

Holden VL Commodore


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To all that saw it, the VL looked vastly more modern than the previous VB/VC/VH/VK, but there was one major concern for the Holden faithful, the 6 cylinder red engine that had received such a comprehensive makeover for the VK was completely dropped in favour of an imported Nissan 3 liter straight six unit. Many may have been scratching their heads as to why the General had opted for the switch, but the answer lay with the introduction of unleaded fuel, the cost of once again re-working the engine simply too cost prohibitive.
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