Australian Car Spotters Guide - 1989

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1989 Ford Falcon EA Sedan

Ford Falcon EA

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The front suspension on the EA Falcon was new from the ground up and offered a better ride, handling and longevity. The "variable assist" power steering was far superior to the XF model, and offered the added benefit of delivering a tighter turning circle (the QE2 putting a XF to shame). Unfortunately for the EA reliability issues were soon to surface and the model quickly gained a bad reputation with the Australian motoring public. Some analysts believe it was Ford's desire to get the new model to market quickly, without first ironing out the bugs, that caused the problem.
1989 Holden VN Calais

Holden VN Calais


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A major generational change, the 'aero styled' VN returned Holden to the full-sized family car fold. It won all three motor magazine 1988 Car of the Year awards and was also a sales winner right from the start (the Executive model confidently targeted at fleet buyers), taking Holden back to its accustomed position on top of the Australian passenger car market in 1989.
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