Australian Car Spotters Guide - 1992

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1992 Ford Falcon EB Sedan

Ford Falcon EB

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Released in April 1992, the Series II EB Falcon was almost an entirely different model. Even the humble base/fleet model now came with body-coloured bumpers, glossy black door handles and GLi badges. The new engine in Series II was a quieter, greatly improved 4L multi-point six cylinder, and it replaced both 3.9 liter units. Safety was the order of the day, with the EB II gaining foam-filled extra-strength roof pillars, a stronger roof, new seat belt lockers and optional ABS braking. By the end of 1992, all Falcons got the new Smartlock security system with Tibbe locks and an immobiliser.
1992 Holden VP Commodore

Holden VP Commodore


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The VP Commodore's front blinker lenses were squared off, and the tail lights enhanced. The bumpers also came in for a makeover, now both wider and stronger than the VN. A security system was also standard on all models, featuring an automatic ignition disable, ECM disable and door key activated deadlocks (operating three minutes after the ignition was turned off). Power windows became standard fitment, although the Executive and Berlina would still have winders for the rear windows.
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