British and European Car Spotters Guide - 1942

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1942 Humber Scout Car

Humber Scout Car

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Humber Scout Car was a rear-engined four-wheel drive armoured vehicle, using many of the components of the front-engined Humber F.W.D. vehicles. Some 4300 were produced during 1942-45 to supplement the Daimler 'Dingo', the production of which could not keep up with the demand. The Humber was larger (crew 3 v. 2) than the Daimler and less sophisticated. It had a fixed roof with sliding hatches and a Bren machine gun was mounted on top. Another supplementary source for scout cars was Ford of Canada (Ford Lynx).

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Nazi Germany


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In 1942 yet another derivative of the KdF-Wagen appeared. This time it was an amalgamation of the Kubelwagen chassis and the KdF-Wagen body with four-wheel drive (Finally a German 4x4 Beetle). Total Kommandeurwagen production reached 669 including 2 built out of spare parts at the end of the war.
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Standard Flying Twenty Ambulance

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Standard Flying Twenty chassis with ambulance bodywork and canvas top cab. This 20 HP chassis, which was not to be continued after the war, differed from the 14 HP in having a six-cylinder engine of 2664-cc and 9 ft 8 in (v. 9 ft) wheelbase. Bore and stroke were the same as for the four-cylinder 14 HP. namely 73 x 106 mm. As can be seen, the bonnet was slightly longer. The RAF used similar ambulances on the 14 HP chassis for domestic use. Their bodywork and finish, however, were more austere.
1942 Standard 12 HP Light Utility

Standard 12 HP Light Utility

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Standard 12 HP Light Utility as produced for the RAF. This 1942 edition used the front end sheet metal and the transverse-leaf independent front suspension of the civilian 12 HP Saloon. There was also a 10-cwt Van on this chassis. The front view shown is that of a preserved specimen restored by Mr Clive Sarjantson of Crowthorne, Berkshire.
Humber Mark III FWD Country Saloon
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