American Car Spotters Guide - 1901

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1901 Baker Electric Runabout

Baker Electric Runabout

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The first Baker was little more than a battery box and motor on a very lightly sprung four-wheeled frame, but within months the company was making attractive two-seater runabouts for town travel, with tiller steering and solid tyres. Although the first models were chain-driven, shaft drive was introduced as early as 1902. We have dated this example of a Baker at 1901 due to the chain drive visible.
1901 Winton 2 Seater Runabout

Winton 2 Seater Runabout

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Winton was the leading light in the American auto industry, but his production methods had advanced little from those of the Clydeside shipyards: his cars were made one at a time, by crude and laborious methods which meant that output could never be significantly increased. Ford, on the other hand, was striving towards methods of producing in larger quantities. But Winton's eclipse was far from sudden: so long as the car market remained small, he was still an important figure in the industry, and could uphold his claim that the horizontal-engined Winton was 'the best-automobile for long-distance touring manufactured or sold in America.'
1901 Winton Multi Passenger Vehicle

Winton Multi Passenger Vehicle

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Still tiller driven, this early Winton was the forerunner to the Omnibus. The photo proves it was built, but it was also never paid for, after they scared horses on Cleveland's Shore Drive.
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