Holden Commodore

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Holden Commodore

Monday the 13th November 1978 was a watershed for the General, that day launcing the Opel re-engineered Commodore. GMH engineers had naturally made changes to ensure the durability of the car in Australian conditions, but the real gamble was whether Australian's would be accepting of the all-new body style as a suitable replacement for the traditional large family sedan. Under the Opel skin lay the ever reliable assortment of all-Aussie red engines, from the 2850cc 6 cylinder to the 308 5 liter.

But so well sorted was the chassis that it soon demonstrated just how tired and harsh the red engines had become, particularly the 6 cylinder variety. We may have lamented the passing of the Premier model, but the SL/E was every bit its match in quality and appointments, indeed fighting well above its station and giving serious challenge to some of the more stuffy European marques. There was one side effect however that few anticipated, with Holden's decision not to proceed with the WB Kingswood many taxi fleets turned to the larger sized Falcon's when it came time to make a replacement.

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Commodore VB  

Holden Commodore VB

1978 - 1980
The VB Commodore of 1978 was to replace the aging HZ model, an update of the model line first introduced with the HQ Holden in 1971. The base level Commodore came with the 2.8 ltr. 6 cylinder motor coupled to a 4-speed manual transmission. Engine options available at the time of introduction included the 3.3 ltr. 6 cyl. and 4.2 ltr. V8 engines. You could also upgrade to a Tri-Matic auto, corded cloth interior, power steering and air conditioning. More >>
Commodore VC  

Holden Commodore VC

1980 - 1981
A model update from the VB, the VC's main improvement was the introduction of the "Blue" engines (the "Red" motors being carried over to the previous model VB from the Kingswood). The VB's slat grill was replaced with a "crate" style grill on the VC, and unlike the VB it was attached to the front structure of the vehicle instead of the bonnet. More >>
Commodore VH  

Holden Commodore VH

1981 - 1984
The VH was the third Commodore series in four years, with five engines and, for the first time, a five-speed gearbox. The transition from VB to VC and then VH was one of evolution rather than revolution, and so many knew the bugs had well and truly been ironed out by the time the VH arrived. Naturally any model change required some form of cosmetic change, Holden opting for a subtle reworking at the front giving the VH Commodore a longer and lower appearance. More >>
Commodore VK  

Holden Commodore VK

1984 - 1986
The VK Commodore represented the first major change to the Commodore since the release of the VB in 1978. Sporting an all new and more agressive look than the previous models, the additional side windows helped make the VK look longer, and by reworking the rubber seals the GMH engineers were able to give the VK a squarer, more prominent look. The inside was to come in for a substantial makeover too, although the newly squared-off design of the instruments was not to everyones liking. More >>
Commodore VL  

Holden Commodore VL

1986 - 1988
The VL Commodore represented a substantial makeover of the VK, and would be the last of the "compact" Commodores. The engineers sought to soften the lines of the VL, rounding off the panels and introducing a small tail spoiler built into the boot lid. To all that saw it, the VL looked vastly more modern than the previous models, but there was one major concern for the Holden faithful, the 6 cylinder red engine that had received such a comprehensive makeover for the VK was completely dropped in favour of an imported Nissan 3 liter straight six unit. More >>
Commodore VN  

Holden Commodore VN

1988 - 1991
Launching the VN Commodore, Holden said the totally new car had been designed to achieve the dramatic market impact reserved only for the most historic and significant Holden models. And so it proved. There were a few VL Commodore components still under the skin, but the new VN had been stretched - in every important dimension. More >>
Commodore VP  

Holden Commodore VP

1991 - 1993
The VP was always going to be a face-lifted VN, however there were considerable and detailed improvements made over the latter model. Independent Rear Suspension (IRS) was introduced, fitted as standard equipment on the Calais and Commodore SS and optional across the range, the system being adapted from the long wheelbase VQ. More >>
Commodore VR  

Holden Commodore VR

1993 - 1995
The VR Series was the first Australian built car to offer a driver's airbag. The introduction of the airbag, plus webbing clamps on the front seats and a lap/sash belt for the centre rear passenger, made the VR the safest Holden ever. More >>
Commodore VS  

Holden Commodore VS

1995 - 1997
The major improvements with the VS are the introduction of the ECOTEC 3800 V6, and a passenger airbag. The ECOTEC (Emissions and Consumption Optimisation TEChnology) V6 is more powerful, more economic, produces less emissions, quieter and smoother than the previous 3800 V6. More >>
Commodore VT  

Holden Commodore VT

1997 - 2000
The VT is a completely new model, like the VB in 1978 and the VN in 1988. Taking the 1995 Opel Omega GM2800 platform and redesigning it to suit, the Commodore was now both wider and longer - and subsequently stronger. There is more front and rear leg room, and more shoulder room. Boot capacity is up by 26%. More >>
Commodore VX  

Holden Commodore VX

2000 - 2002
The VX, while looking very similar to the VT, has some significant improvements. The V6 has been upgraded, and now puts out 152 kW @ 5200 rpm and has improved fuel efficiency. This is due to upgraded engine management system which now allows individual spark control on each cylinder, and a new inlet manifold. The V8 has also been upgraded and now boasts 225 kW @ 5200 rpm. More >>
Commodore VY

Holden Commodore VY

2002 - 2004
The VY represents another large investment by Holden, with refinements to body structure, powertrain and chassis dynamics delivering appreciable improvements in performance, ride, handling, safety and build quality. A new model has been introduced, the SV8, which slots in below the SS. More >>
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