Holden Gemini TG

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Holden Gemini

Holden Gemini TG

1983 - 1985
4 cyl. SOHC
1584cc pet/ 1800cc diesel
50kw p / 40kw d
4/5 spd man; 3 spd auto
Top Speed:
140 km/h
Number Built:
1 star
Holden Gemini TG 
With eight years and five models released, GMH again took the scalpal to the Gemini, this time transforming the TF into the TG.

However, picking a TF from the previous TG can prove difficult, as most improvements were simply by way of upgrades, such as standardising all models with the more up-market SL/X seats, and each model (except the base model) receiving the previous models higher spec wheel trims.

A new model ZZ/Z sedan was introduced, a real show pony that featured go-fast additions such as alloy wheels and mandatory decals.

But the brochure arguably described the ZZ/Z best; "It doesn't take much to see that Gemini ZZ/Z is a very different kind of four-cylinder car.

One look is enough. From its dazzling silver finish to its unique interior trim, ZZ/Z oozes excitement. Outside, it's the sporty-look Gemini for people who love to own a car that reflects their individuality, with features that include a rear deck spoiler front air dam fender wind splits and silver bumpers.

Inside, there's style to spare. And of course its got all the attributes that make Gemini such an exciting four-cylinder car.

Like a gutsy 1.6 liter overhead cam petrol engine that features a Secondary Air Injection System for smooth performance and great fuel economy. And Holden's renowned Radial Tuned Suspension, providing unequalled ride and handling.

And Holden's renowned Radial Tuned Suspension, providing unequalled ride and handling. Rack and pinion steering for positive control. 5-speed floor shift manual transmission.

Plus a full complement of SL/X features. Gemini ZZ/Z...what a car. Luxury, comfort, an outstanding equipment list. On the road performance that is the envy of Gemini's competitors. And an exciting sporty look that will really get heads turning."

Engine wise the TG remained identical to the TF, and was also available with a diesel engine option. Unfortunately, though, the TG was to be the last of the "T" series Gemini's, the last rear-wheel drive Gemini and an era was fast coming to a close.

Today, Gemini's are becoming popular with the younger market as they lend themselves to modification. Naturally only the rear-wheel-drive Gemini's are sought after, the later model RB is not on their shopping list.

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