Holden HG

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Holden HG

1970 - 1971
6 & 8 cyl.
161/186 6; 253/308/350 V8's
97 kW 186; 225 kW 350
3/4 speed man, 2 spd Powerglide & 3 spd Trimatic auto
Top Speed:
Number Built:
2 star
The HG Holden was the final refinement of the HK-T series, and introduced the Australian-Built, three speed Tri-Matic automatic transmission to the full size Holden's.

The model range was as before, with sedans, wagons, Monaro coupes and light commercial models in several levels of specification, plus the Brougham luxury saloon.

The Tri-Matic transmission was standard on the Brougham and Premier and available on all other models as an option, except of course for the Monaro GTS 350, which was offered with either a 4 speed manual or the regular two speed Powerglide automatic.

As well as a more elaborate plastic grille and cleaner body decorations, the HG had new safety features, colors and trim designs. Improved disc brakes were now fitted to all V8 models, while the suspension system of the Monaro GTS was modified for greater comfort.

This was possible because race duties had been taken over by the smaller Torana, so the Monaro no longer needed to be sold in 'Bathurst' trim.

All the HG changes, including the optional Tri-Matic transmission and choice of 5 locally produced engines, were offered on the big selling range of Holden passenger-car derived light commercials.

The Model range included: Belmont Sedan, Belmont station wagon, Belmont panel van, Belmont utility, Kingswood sedan, Kingswood station wagon, Kingswood utility, Premier sedan, Premier station wagon, Brougham sedan, Monaro coupe, Monaro GTS coupe, Monaro GTS 350 coupe.

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