Holden HT Monaro

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Holden Monaro

Holden HT Monaro

1969 - 1970
6 cyl. & V8
2640/3050/5035/5363/5700 cc
108-250 bhp 80-186 kw
3/4 spd. man; 2/3 spd. Powerglide/Tri-matic
Top Speed:
Number Built:
5 star
The HT Monaro upgrade exhibited even more of the self-assured and extroverted attitude of the people who chose to drive it.

The most dramatic change in the HT facelift was a new multi-louvred plastic grille with a raised centre section and Monaro black-outs.

The GTS had bold centre bonnet stripes in black or gold, flanked by new bonnet scoops (These scoops did little to assist in cooling the motor, and were purely a design element in helping differentiate the updated Monaro. Interestingly, the same style has been applied to the current day Monaro!).

The HT also featured beefier two-section taillights separated by a blacked-out tail panel, thicker side stripes and black sills that made the GTS look even sleeker.

The larger tail lights of the HT were considered a priority by designers, and Phil Zmood is credited with creating the major design elements of the new model.

Wild new colors included Sebring Orange and Daytona Bronze were now available, and a full set of circular instruments replaced the HK's console-mounted tacho and strip style speedo.

More contoured bucket seats with optional houndstooth check cloth inserts and a 'grippier' steering wheel were in keeping with the HT's added refinement and special detailing. A new Y-frame engine cradle and neoprene front suspension bushes isolated harshness from the cabin.

The track was widened and fatter rubber bushings in the rear leaf spring eyes matched the gains in the front. The HT was also first to get the Aussie V8, initially as a 253 (4.2 liter), and for many Monaro buyers, it was the perfect choice.

With all the design changes incorporated into the HT lineup, the base HT Monaro lost some of its exclusivity. Now all models - from the Belmont up - were given a Monaro-inspired styling flow from the rear window to the boot. Indeed this new look would ultimately spell the end of the Coupe.

As the Holden sedans progressively lost their stiff rear quarter styling and gained more performance options, a deficit of two doors would soon become the Monaro's main distinguishing feature! The Aussie built 253 (4.2 liter) was initially mated to a 3-speed column shift manual with a "Powerglide" 2 speed auto option available.

The 308 (5.0 liter) version was introduced as Chevrolet 307 until stocks ran out. Chevrolet's new 350 (5.7 liter) V8, which came in different auto and manual specifications, arrived later, giving engineers extra time to 'fine tune' the GTS 350 sports suspension so it could be the first Holden to offer low profile radial tires as an option.

The limited build GTS 350 manual could also be ordered with rally wheels, another Holden first. In 1969, the first year under Harry Firth, Holden Dealer Team Monaro 350s came first (Bond/Roberts) and third (West/Brock) outright in the Hardie Ferodo 500 at Bathurst. HT GTS motor sport victories in 1970 included the Surfer's Paradise 12-hour race (Bond/Roberts), and the Australian Touring Car Championship (Beechey).

At the time, there were some who mourned the passing of the HK's raw and more direct feel, although such criticism was usually only levelled at the lesser Monaro's. The GTS-350 had many commentators of the day putting it ahead of the mighty GT Falcon, sighting the very sorted suspension tweaks and low profile radial tires as far superior to the Dunlop Aquajets then being fitted to the XW.
HT Holden Monaro Identification
Engine Number (located at right front near cylinder bank):
HT GTS 350 Automatic
HT GTS 350 Manual
Body/Chassis Numbers (located on plate attached to right hand side of firewall):
Monaro Coupe
Monaro Coupe
Monaro GTS Coupe (L6)
Monaro GTS Coupe (V8)
Monaro GTS 350 Coupe
Series Code:
Identifies as "HT" Monaro
Manufacturing Plant ID:
H1 - H4
H5 - H9
J1 - J9
L1 - L5
L6 - L9
5 Digit Serial Number:
The last 5 numbers in the sequence are used as a serial number, based on the plant where it was manufactured, and each in numerical sequence.

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