Holden HZ

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Holden HZ

1977 - 1978
6 cyl. & V8
202 6 cyl; 253/308 V8
81kW 202 & 161kW 308
3/4 spd man; 3 spd Tri-Matic & TurboHydramatic 350
Top Speed:
142 kmh (202 motor)
Number Built:
3 star
Following on from the HX was the last of the line for the traditional large Holden sedans, the wonderful HZ. There was plenty to celebrate with the new model, and the new Radial Tuned Suspension (RTS) created a revolution in Aussie big car design.

Until the HZ, Australian motorists had become used to grappling with understeer on every country drive, but the Radial Tuned Suspension system tamed the large Aussie sedan, endowing it with precise and predictable handling.

The fact that all other local car manufacturers were forced to rush handling modifications into their cars proved just how right GMH got it. From the exterior, again there was little to identify the car over the HJ/HX models.

Thicker body protection strips ran the length of the car, and the handsome raised boot design (previously reserved for Premier models) was now fitted to all cars across the range. The "Kingswood" name would live on in the HZ, but the "Belmont" was dropped, and a more upmarket "Kingswood SL" introduced.

In standard guise, the base Kingswood was still very much a utalitarian vehicle, fitted with bench seats and without radio or clock. The Kingswood SL offered a much higher luxury level to previous Kingswood's, and GMH were able to keep the price increase relatively modest.

Most purchasers now choose the "SL", which offered reclining bucket seats, a centre console with padded armrest, loop-pile carpet, push-button radio and a tinted-band laminated windscreen.

The Premier added the Tri-Matic auto, tinted side glass, pinstriping and the now familiar quad-headlight configuration. The HZ Monaro GTS was standard with the 308 5 liter V8, dual exhaust, four-speed manual transmission, tinted glass, full instrumentation, front and rear spoilers and four-wheel disc brakes.

While none carried the familar "Monaro" badge, the did use a Premier nosecone, complete with blacked out quad-headlights. In November 1977 the HZ Statesman was released, now with Radial Tuned Suspension and four-wheel disc brakes. Minor changes to the grille made it look more "up market", and an SL/E edition was introduced in 1979.

Most interestingly, the HZ range would continue to be sold alongside the new VB Commodore at its release in 1978, and would continue to sell well.

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