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Not many manufacturers persisted with a twin-cylinder design into the 1930's - Jowett was one of those few exceptions. Perhaps the reason was because the company had developed a good reputation for their cars offering reliability, good fuel economy and surprisingly good pulling power. Founded by William and Benjamin Jowett, of Bradford, Yorkshire, the company commenced automobile manufacturebut turned to full scale automobile manufacture in 1906. Four years later, they introduced that famous flat-twin, which would stay in production until the company's demise in 1953. By 1913, production had settled down to a little two-seater car powered by a 49.86-cu in (817-cc) side-valve version of the twin, later enlarged to 55.35-cu in (907-cc). The car was gradually updated, with an electric starter added in 1923 and four-wheel brakes plus detachable cylinder- heads in 1929.

By this time there was a four-seat version as well, the Long Four, and the fabric-bodied Black Prince. Until now, Jowetts had been anything but sports cars, but the sporting Kestrel and twin- carburetor Weasel appeared in the 1930s, along with a four-speed gearbox. But the big news was Jowett's first four-cylinder engine, a flat-four, of course, producing a respectable 30bhp (22AkW) from 71.15 cu in (1.2 liters). Car production ceased during World War 2, but the Bradford van carried on, powered by the latest 25-bhp (18.64-kW) 61.02-cu in (1- liter) flat-twin. In 1947 Jowett unveiled the advanced Javelin saloon, with streamlined styling, independent suspension and a 50-bhp (37.28-kW) 90.68-cu in (IA8-liter) flat-four allowing over 80mph (129kmjh). This was followed by the two-seat Jupiter sports car.

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Jowett Javelin  

Jowett Javelin

1947 - 1953
The Jowett Javelin was an award-winning British car that was produced from 1947 to 1953 by Jowett Cars Ltd of Idle, near Bradford. The model went through five variants labelled PA to PE, each having a standard and "de luxe" option. More >>
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