Lotus 7

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Lotus 7

1961 -
United Kingdom
4 cyl.
1588 cc
105-126 bhp
4/5 spd. man
Top Speed:
185-189 km/h
Number Built:
3 star
Lotus 7
The Lotus 7 that had its beginnings in 1957 was viewed as the car responsible for putting the fledgling Lotus company on the map. It was skimpy and basic but smart in its design with multi tubular frame chassis on an aluminum body.

It had no doors, just cutaway sides and with its hood raised it was nearly impossible to get into this car. Its front wheels had small mudguards whilst its headlights stood on their own.

It did offer coil-sprung independent front suspension and a rear axle that resulted in fabulous handling. Its engine varied from a Ford 100E unit to a Coventry Climax FWA or a BMC A Series unit.

More powerful motors became used in the Super 7 which started production in 1961 and for the first time disc brakes were used in the front. A 1600 Cortina engine was used in the S3 series whilst in the S4 of 1970 the body was chunkier glassfibre with Europa Type front suspension.

This car was seen as more civilised and it sold fairly well with more than 900 in three years. In 1973 Lotus ceased with the kit car market and sold the designs to Catherham Cars who are still building the S3 to this day.

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