Simca 1000

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Simca 1000

1962 - 1978
4 cyl.
944 cc
45 bhp
4 spd. man
Top Speed:
75 mph / 125 km/h
Number Built:
1.6 million
3 star
The Simca 1000 was an immediate success when it was launched at the 1961 Paris Salon, winning a huge allegiance of fans and enjoying a wonderfully long production run of 16 years, in which time some 1.6 million would be made.

Weighing in at a sprightly 730kg, the rear-engined 1000 used a 944cc, it being based on the ever reliable Simca 5 bearing 1290cc unit. Good for 45bhp at 5000rpm, the little 1000 could reach a respectable top speed of 75mph.

Featuring independent front and rear suspension, the 1000 had 9 inch hydraulic drum brakes all round and a 12 volt electrical system.

Strangely, and in a departure from tradition, the engine revolved counter-clockwise, the engineers deeming it to provide more torque and improve balance at speed. The integral 4 speed transmission/rear axle assembly is compact and fully synchronized.

Despite the car filling the cheap and cheerful market segment, it boasted many refinements and innovations not normally fitted as standard equipment at that time. Its four doors opened at right angles, the luggage boot locked from inside the car, the ventilation system allowed both air flow and temperature to be regulated.

The separate front seats featured contoured triple-padded backs and a no-sag frame, each affording seven adjustment positions able to be changed while the car was moving.

Even the sound insulation was effective, and in a wonderful touch demonstrating the attention to detail, both sun visors were color matched to either of two ceiling tones.

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