Australian Car Spotters Guide - 1963

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1963 Chrysler S Series Valiant

Chrysler Valiant S Series

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The Valiant S series, or SV-1, was an evolution of the R Series, it continuing the theme of a US design being locally assembled. Chrysler Australia chiefs new they were on a winner with the new Valiant, the R Series selling out within days of its launch, and so plans were made to bring the newly US released S Series into the country just as quickly as possible. As with its predecessor, the model range was rather limited, only the four door model being made available – but this time there would be more than a mere 1008 cars made available to Chrysler dealerships around the country.
1963 Ford Lotus Cortina on the track

Ford Lotus Cortina

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When Colin Chapman and Ford collaborated to develop a race and rally winner - the end result was the Lotus Cortina. From Ford came the basic two door Cortina shell and front suspension, where Lotus installed its own 105 bhp twin-cam engine, close ratio 4-speed gearbox and rear suspension. The car sat lower, had front disc brakes and was shod with wider wheels. The choice of colors was limited - all were in a basic cream with green stripe and black grille.
1963 Ford Falcon XL Van

XL Falcon

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In the early 1960's Ford were very much committed to making the Falcon a success, and by releasing the XL when they did, they were able to steal the march on the Generals new EJ model, beating them to launch by just a few days. However the EJ Holden was rather more than a mere "facelift", which prompted Ford to boast that the XL Falcon had 734 new parts. The carburetors were modified to provide better fuel consumption, quieter engine operation and a higher top speed. Ford also claimed the higher second gear fitted to the manual gearbox gave better "flexibility" in traffic.
1963 EH Holden Sedan

EH Holden

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1963 was a watershed for Holden, releasing what many people today still consider to be their greatest achievement, the eighth model "EH". The new model offered an impressive combination of style, power, refinement, ruggedness and value for money. Launched in August, it entered direct competition with the recently released Ford Falcon. An immediate success, more than 250,000 were sold in the first 18 months of its release, making it the fastest selling Australian car - ever. A far more substantial facelift of the EJ than those that had been attempted before, the "EH" featured a far more commanding look with a revised roofline and clever styling which, to most eyes, improved its looks from every angle.
1963 Lightburn Zeta

Lightburn Zeta

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During the 1980's you could be forgiven for thinking many car manufacturers were turning their products into mere appliances - but if you were to wind the clock back even further (to the 1960's), you would find the Lightburn whitegoods manufacturer turning the appliance into a car! Lightburn industries had, until 1963, manufactured tools, cement mixers, washing machines and fiberglass boats - the latter would be significant in providing the fiberglass body for the Zeta. And so it was that Harold Lightburn, the companies owner and founder, was convinced that many Australian's would like the convenience of a 2nd car, but found the cost prohibitive. To get things started, he purchased the rights to the British Anzani mini car; and then created a new fiberglass 'Station Sedan' body shell.
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