Australian Car Spotters Guide - 1965

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1965 Chrysler AP6 Valiant

Chrysler Valiant AP6

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The Valiant AP6 was an evolution of the AP5, having a facelifted split grille and introducing to the range the V8 engined Valiant "Regal", along with the “Wayfarer” utility. The basic body work was carried over from the AP5, although along with the grille revision were slightly protruding headlights, a new bonnet and new front guards which increased the cars length 63mm (2 inches). There were also several significant technological improvements introduced, such as self adjusting brakes, although regrettably the futuristic automatic push button gear selector was changed to a traditional lever system and located on the steering wheel.
1965 Ford Cortina GT 500

Ford Cortina GT 500

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A car seldom remembered these days, except perhaps for the Cortina aficionados, is the wonderful Cortina GT500. The brainchild of Harry Firth, the GT500 was manufactured by Ford Australia to satisfy homologation rules to allow it to race in  the Armstrong 500. The Lotus-Cortina would have fitted the bill perfectly, however as the rules were at the time, 250 would have needed to have been imported to allow it to qualify. The GT500 was a strictly local affair, the rules stipulating that only 100 needed to be built. The donor unit was the GT 1500, Firth then adding a new cam, reshaping the combustion chamber, raising the compression to 9.5:1.
1965 Ford Falcon XP Sedan

XP Falcon

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The XP was the last facelift of the original Falcon and featured an aggressive, squared off look to the front end and more solid styling overall. The development of the car over the years since its introduction paid off, and the XP was very well regarded by the press of the time, now more than capable of matching its competitors and winning Wheels magazines "Car of the Year" award for 1965.
1965 HD Holden Station Sedan

HD Holden

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Dubbed 'Holden's Disaster', this model was considered the ugly duckling after the public's acceptance of the EH's shape. The new look, while thoroughly modern, proved to be contentious. There were, however, a number of significant engineering upgrades to this model. The HD had been engineered entirely in Australia and used a completely new body to that of the EH, and perhaps most importantly for Holden it was the first model to be manufactured at their new Elizabeth (SA) facility. Wider and longer, it enjoyed initial success with sales figures outstripping the record breaking EH.
1965 Lightburn Zeta

Lightburn Zeta

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By 1965 it was obvious the Zeta was not the sales success that Lightburn industries had hoped for. The problem was that other manufacturers had also seen the need to bring smaller, cost efficient models to market - and they already had design engineers at the ready, and ample parts bins from which to source material. One such manufacturer was BMC, who released Alexander Issigonis masterpiece Mini around the same time as the humble Zeta. It comes as little surprise that the Australian public did not take to the Zeta, and a mere 363 were able to find a place in the Aussie garage.
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