Australian Car Spotters Guide - 1988

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1988 Ford Falcon EA Sedan

Ford Falcon EA

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Ford Australia are reputed to have invested over $700 million in the development of the "EA", the long overdue replacement for the XF Falcon. Much like the "BA" of 2002, the "EA" had countless improvements over its predecessors. Most importantly for Ford was the introduction of new fuel injected 3.2 and 3.9 liter (SOHC) engines - which were a great improvement on the harsh and thirsty 3.3 and 4.1 liter pushrod sixes they replaced. Gone were the troublesome carburetors, and with them rough idling and the need for regular tuning.
1988 Holden VN Commodore Wagon

Holden VN Commodore


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Launching the VN Commodore, Holden said the totally new car had been designed to achieve the dramatic market impact reserved only for the most historic and significant Holden models. And so it proved. There were a few VL Commodore components still under the skin, but the new VN had been stretched - in every important dimension.
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