American Car Spotters Guide - 1935

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1935 Chevrolet 3.3 Liter Convertible

Chevrolet 3.3 Liter Convertible

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1935 Chevrolet 3.3 liter convertible.
1935 Chrysler Airflow C-1

Chrysler Airflow C-1

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The 1935 Airflow closely resembled the 1934 original but had a new hood that extended f orward in a V-shape. Single broad bumpers replaced the elaborate triple tiered design used in 1934, and the louvers on the hood became more decorative than functional.
1935 Chrysler Airstream Six C6

Chrysler Airstream Six C6

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Chrysler gave the still Depression-wary buying public a new model called the Airstream which provided Chrysler quality at an economy price. Balanced weight distribution, the all-steel body, and other advanced Airflow features were used in a more conventional shape. The Airstream was available as a 118-inch wheelbase Six or a 121-inch wheelbase Eight. It had a solid front axle, and shared its basic body with Plymouth.
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