American Car Spotters Guide - 1943

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All US civilian car and truck production came to a halt early in 1942. From then on all plants were fully engaged on war production, the volume of which had gradually increased from 1940. Not all automobile manufacturers produced military vehicles; many plants turned out aircraft engines and components, artillery shells, machine guns, AA guns and other munitions.

In 1943 the Automotive Council for War Production announced that the automotive industry had supplied war material to the value of $13 billion and that 1038 automotive plants throughout the nation voluntarily co-operated to maintain maximum production.
Chevrolet C8A-HUP Heavy Utility, Personnel Carrier


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Chevrolet C8A-HUP (Heavy Utility, Personnel) was produced by General Motors of Canada to supersede the earlier Ford-built station wagons. The C8A was used as a personnel carrier, staff car, wireless truck. etc., with detail modifications to the standard box-shape body. Some 13,000 were produced, at about $1850 each. They had four-wheel drive (4 x 4) and were members of the family of Canadian Military Pattern (C M P) vehicles.
Crosley CT-3 Pup


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Crosley CT-3 Pup, one of several experimental light-weight military field cars produced in 1943.
Dodge T214 Command Car


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Dodge T214 Command Car was built on the famous 'Beep' Weapons Carrier chassis. In back seat: King George VI, Lt.-General M. W. Clark (USA) and General Sir Harold R. L. G. Alexander.
Ford Amphibious Jeep


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Ford GPA was amphibious version of GPW 'Jeep'. A small fleet of them are seen here churning their way down the Detroit River.
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