Edsel Commercials: The New Edsel

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The New Edsel

They'll Know You’ve Arrived
USA (circa 1958)

They'll know you've arrived - in the new 1958 Edsel - the car that's truly new, from name-plate to tail-light. New from the front, new from the side, new from the rear. Only Edsel has the sleek clean line design that sets it apart from the look-alike cars.

And it combines new looks with the newest V8 engines in the world, the big new Edsel 400 and the power-packed Edsel 475.

It is unlikely you have ever driven a car with so much real useable power as the Edsel. And with Edsel's exclusive Teletouch Drive you drive more safely, more easily than you ever have before, because both hands can stay at the wheel, while the Edsel shifts electrically.

There's even the added luxury of new Edsel air-suspension that's just like riding on air...because you are.

And remember, of all the medium priced cars, car-for-car across the board the 1958 Edsel is the one that's new and the lowest priced too - so see your Edsel dealer.

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