Ford Commercials: The 1959 Ford Sunliner

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The 1959 Ford Sunliner

A Good Horse Is As Hard To Find As A Good Wife
USA (circa 1959)

You know in the early West, a good horse was about as hard to find as a good wife. You see a scout depended on his horse, he had to move out faster, travel harder, and cover more ground than any other type.

Well today a good performing car should be like that, like my new Ford over here. Next to the Thunderbird it'self there's not another car that can touch it for pure Mustang performance.

Come on, I'll take it for a spin and show you what I mean. You like that take-off, a Ford really moves out when you put the spurs in, that's because of its Thunderbird breeding.

There's a Thunderbird V8 up front and it's a lot of engine. And the best part is it delivers most power where you need it most, between the speeds of 30 and 70, like right now for instance.

See what I mean, your've always got that extra surge of power there when you need it. Now let's take it up where the air gets thin. This Ford climbs and corners like it was born here in the mountains. It's really an exciting car!

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