Kiichiro Toyoda

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Kiichiro Toyoda
Kiichiro Toyoda

Toyota, the automaker, dates back to 1933 when Kiichiro Toyoda first established an automobile division within an already successful Japanese company - Toyoda Automatic Loom Works, Ltd. - a manufacturer of textile looms.

Within three years after establishing the automobile division, the company introduced the Model AA - its first passenger car and a revolutionary example of Japanese engineering ingenuity.

Overcoming challenge after challenge, the fledgling automobile division grew into Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC), one of the world's leading corporations.

In 1957, Toyota first came to America marketing the Toyopet Crown. In 1958, only 287 Toyopet Crowns were sold in the USA.

Toyota's first experience in the U.S. market was a sharp contrast to the imprssive success it had already achieved in Japan.

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