Nicola Romeo

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Nicolà Romeo
Nicolà Romeo

Born near Naples in 1876, he graduated in engineering in 1900 and spent some years gaining work experience abroad. He then returned to Italy where he set up his own company manufacturing mining equipment.

Assisting the Italian government during the first world war, he would turn to the manufacture of trucks and engines, then following the war he oversaw the acquisition of smaller manufacturing concerns to form the conglomerate Società Anonima Ing. Nicola Romeo & Co.

Formally constituted by the notary Federico Guasti in Milan on February 3rd 1918, the new company proclaimed its purpose to be the construction and management of engineering, steel, agricultural, mining, chemicals and quarrying companies, with particular emphasis on military, aviation, marine and agricultural equipment, internal combustion engines for all possible applications; airplanes, automobiles, locomotives and other wheeled transport.

Nicola Romeo wanted his company to be much more than just a car manufacturer, and secured the services of leading engineers such as Giuseppe Merosi and Vittoria Jano to name just a few.

In the 1920’s the company would become involved in a financial crisis with majority shareholder Banca Italiana di Sconto, and in 1927 there was even talk of the concern being liquidated.

Romeo resisted the required changes deemed necessary to ensure the companies viability, deciding instead to sever all connections with the Alfa Romeo concern. He passed away on the 15th August, 1938.

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