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Founded by none other than John D. Rockefeller as part of the Standard Oil trust in 1889, Amoco would quickly decide to specialize in the supply of petrol to the ever increasing numbers of the driving public.

The first Service Station was opened in Minneapolis, Minnesota, however its global expansion mostly took place after World War 2, it expanding far and wide, and operating in Britain, Belgium, Brazil, Mexico, South Korea, Taiwan, Norway, Venezuela, Russia, China, Trinidad and Tobago, Egypt and of course Australia – where the catchy jingles used to promote the brand remain (in our opinion) a the penultimate symbol of the care-free 1970’s.

Along the way the company would acquire the Tenneco Oil Company and Dome Petroleum Company, and in the process becoming one of the world’s three largest oil companies. In 1998 the company merged with British Petroleum, and for a time the intention was to keep the Amoco name alive in the US while the rest of the world converted to BP, but the idea was quickly abandoned and all Amoco style stations were demolished in favour of the new BP style.

The end of an era, but here at Unique Cars and Parts you can re-live those halcyon days with this wonderful selection of Amoco radio ads – turn up the volume!
Amoco had arguably the best jingles going throughout the 1970's, so good in fact that in many cases they were more of a pleasure to listen to than much of the so-called music filling the airways. Here is a selection of 4 of our favorites.
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