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If you are thinking of placing a Free Classified, hopefully you will find the answer here:

How much does it cost to place a classified?
How long will my classified ad run?
I am concerned about my privacy!
If I choose to use "Completely Private Communication", how do I read any enquiries?
How many classifieds can I submit?
How many images can I upload?
Do I have to list my items for sale exclusively on this site?

Remember that selling a car privately will most likely yield the highest price, and selling on Unique Cars and Parts is one of the most effective ways of reaching the Classic Car enthusiast. If selling a car, it is wise to gather all the necessary particulars prior to placing your free classified, such as the registration or VIN number, year of manufacture and registration expiry.

You can update your classified as many times as you like, so don't worry if you forget something on the first take. Generally, we have found classifieds with accompanying photos generate the most enquiries, so if possible try to gather some images of the car or part. We have specifically configured the classifieds system to allow up to 20 images to be added so that you can detail the exterior and interior in great detail, this way helping ensure the potential purchasers have been qualified as much as possible.

If selling a car, it goes without saying that you should thoroughly clean the interior, exterior and windows. Always be prepared to close the sale with the appropriate documentation, including service details, maintenance records, restoration and/or spare parts particulars. If you still have a question, don't hesitate to Contact Us. If you have not already done so, you will need to register so that you can place your free classified(s). We wish you every success with the sale of your vehicle.

Protect Your Password:
Unique Cars and Parts strongly advise that, under no circumstances, you provide your log in details to anyone in response to email or phone requests for confirmation. The scam is commonly known as "phishing", and a number of these scams are currently in operation on the Internet. No employee of representative of Unique Cars and Parts will ever request you to divulge your username or password.

A word on Scam’s:
Unfortunately there are some people that will try to take advantage of the unwary. Unique Cars and Parts recommend that you always take necessary steps to ensure the purchaser or seller is bona-fide. Never, under any circumstances, part with money by way of a deposit until you or your representative have sighted the car (car part or other item) and can ensure you will be getting what you have paid for. Scams can be perpetrated by both buyers and sellers.

Buyer Scam:
Always be cautious when selling your car to an overseas buyer. One scam involves a potential overseas purchaser sending you a cheque for an amount in excess of the purchase price of your car. They will then ask you to send the change back to them, or to pay the change to a local shipping agent. There are several variations on the theme. If you get an offer like this from overseas, we recommend that you cease negotiations and do not submit the cheque to your bank (as bank charges for the processing will likely occur).

Seller Scam:
The usual seller scam involves the car, parts or other items being offered for sale at a very low price. The seller will say that the item is located overseas, or in a location that makes it difficult to inspect (if in Australia). The seller will then ask you to send them a deposit, or pay for the item in full, prior to any potential inspection or delivery. If you get an offer like this, we strongly recommend you take all appropriate steps to ensure the seller is bona-fide, and be wary of the likelihood that this is a scam.

If you suspect a scam please take note of the classified particulars and click here to report it to or click on and follow the links to report it to the relevant authorities

The Team @ Unique Cars & Parts

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