Top 5 Aussie Collectables: Number 5

Top 5 Aussie Collectables: HQ Holden

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Holden HQ
 1971 - 1974
  6 cyl. & V8
  173/202 6 cyl; 253/308/350 V8
  202 and 350
  3/4 spd. man; 3 spd. Trimatic & Turbohydramatic 400 (350 only)
Top Speed:
  142 kmh (202 motor)
Number Built:
Arguably the high point of GMH styling, the HQ is and will remain an Australian classic. During the 1960's and 1970's the release of a new Ford or Holden was a major event, and none was more anticipated than the release of the HQ.

It featured a host of new features, and most interestingly was the first Australian built car to incorporate face level front ventilation (until now drivers being dependant on door quarter vent windows).

The initial marketing campaign was huge, for the time perhaps only rivalled by the "It's Time" campaign used by Gough Whitlam and the Labour party. Many still remember the vehicles being transported over the hills by large hellicopter transports. (See: Holden Car Commercials)

Undoubtedly the most collectable are the HQ Monaro 2 Door and HQ Monaro 4 Door models, with V8's naturally attracting higher premiums than their 6 cylinder counterparts, however the model selection was huge and these days some of the lesser regarded models, such as the LS Monaro, are becoming highly sought after.

In fact, our collectability ranking at left can be misguiding, with Monaro's, Sandman Panel Vans and Statesmans deserving a considerably higher ranking, while the humble Belmont deserves a lower ranking!

Best of all, parts are still plentiful and cheap, and the design as eye catching today as it was 30 years ago. If you don't agree, why not check out some of the HQ Brochures from the era.
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