1905:Napier driven by A. MacDonald

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United Kingdom
6 cyl. Petrol
90 bhp
14,934 cc
Bore x Stroke:
159 x 127 mm
3 spd. Cardan shaft
980 kg (approx)
Top Speed:

104.65 mph


MacDonald is described in contemporary accounts as a young Englishman, in spite of his Scottish name. And while he was not the very first to have traveled at over 100 miles per hour, he was certainly one of the few brave souls that dared repeat the feat in the early part of last century.

MacDonald made his run during the annual speed week at Daytona Beach, Florida, driving the famous 90 horse-power Rapier belonging to the pioneer motorist and record-breaker S. F. Edge.

Macdonald achieved 104.65 mph over the measured mile. Edge had already made a great name for himself and stirred up much controversy in the motoring world by his challenges to rivals of his favored Rapier cars.

It was Edge who made the first 24-hour run to celebrate the opening of Brooklands Motor Course. Driving a 60 horse-power Rapier he covered 1,581 miles at an average speed of 65 mph.

When Macdonald took Edge's 90 horse-power Rapier over to America for the speed week, Daytona Beach was in very bad condition for a car as fast as the six-cylinder 15 liter Rapier, and Macdonald was unable to put in many practice runs.

The car was an orthodox three-speed shaft-driven vehicle and curiously enough the only Rapier to figure in the record lists, although a make of car which made a great name in road racing and other forms of competition in the early days of motor racing.

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