1931/1932: Napier-Campbell driven by Sir Malcolm Campbell

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United Kingdom
12 cyl. Napier Lion Aero
1350 bhp @ 3600 rpm
25 ft
Top Speed:

246.09/253.97 mph


Campbell's second serious modification to the Bluebird was made before this attempt. He reverted to using a radiator in the normal place in front of the engine, but contained it in a separate housing outside the bonnet covering the engine, so that the cooling air did not enter the engine compartment, but rushed through the radiator only.

The transmission was also moved to one side and the driver sat alongside the propeller shaft, thus making the car even lower and less resistant to wind.

The tail was also changed again and a larger stabilising directional fin used.

Even more power was found by substituting a Schneider Trophy supercharged Napier engine for the earlier Lion type.

This gave 1,350 horsepower at 3600 rpm, compared with the 900 horse-power of the un-supercharged engine. .

After its 1931 victory the Bluebird was modified once again in the quest for a few more miles per hour.

This time the changes were less drastic, a slight increase in engine power and an improvement in the shape of the fairing round the front-mounted radiator.

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