Holden HK

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Holden HK

1968 - 1969
6 cyl. & V8
161/186 6; 307/327 V8
95kW (186) & 188kW (327)
3/4 spd man; 2 spd Powerglide
Top Speed:
Number Built:
3 star
The HK Holden was the most influential Holden model to date, bringing a large array of options and mechanical features - most importantly of which was the imported Chev V8 engine. Another important milestone for Holden was the introduction of the now infamous 'Kingswood' name for the volume selling model.

The new HK Holden was bigger, lower and heavier than the previous model, and boasted two major model additions to the range. For the first time there was a Holden luxury vehicle, the 'Brougham', and a sports coupe, the 'Monaro'.

Most important for these two new models was the V8 engine, although it could be specified as an option across the entire HK range.

The base model HK sedan was the 'Belmont', while the formally known 'Special' was now to be known as the 'Kingswood'. The up market 'Premier' was retained (and featured a different roofline to the lesser models) and in July 1968, the extended version of the HK sedan, the Brougham, was released.

It was over 20cm longer than the Premier and featured as standard the Chev 307c.i V8 engine, Powerglide auto transmission, power steering and the most plush Holden interior to date.

In July of 1968 Holden introduced the Monaro sports coupe to the HK range. Based on the sedan, the pillarless Monaro was the first local vehicle of its type and won Holden a legion of new fans. The three Monaro models included the potent 'Bathurst-Bred' GTS 327, fitted with the US-built Chevrolet 5.3 liter V8 engine.

With the HK, Holden offered a larger choice of models, engines, transmissions and options than had previously been seen in a massed-produced Australian car.

Safety features fitted to all models included an energy-absorbing steering column (another Australian first) and dual circuit braking system.

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