Australian Car Spotters Guide - 1984

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1984 Ford Falcon XF Sedan

Ford Falcon XF

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The XF represented the last of the fourth generation cars, and featured softer, more rounded styling with revsions to the grille and bumpers, and new tail lamps. The XF had big shoes to fill, the XE having taken Ford to the top of the sales charts, however Ford needed the XF to be something special with the General's VK Commodore quickly closing the margin. The Ford enginners gave the XF a softer styling treatment, and even a new dash which presented a far more modern look than the outgoing XE.
Holden Camira JD

Holden JD Camira


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The big news for lovers of Holdens Camira came in 1984 with the release of the "JD" model and the introduction of the all new fuel injected 1.8 liter Family II engine. The new motor became standard on all models except the SL. Externally the car was far more handsome, with modern halogen headlights and a revised front end treatment that cleverly disguised the fact that most of the panels were carried over from the JB.
Holden Camira JD TV Commercial

1984 Holden VK Commodore

Holden VK Commodore


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The VK Commodore represented the first major change to the Commodore since the release of the VB in 1978. Sporting an all new and more agressive look than the previous models, the additional side windows helped make the VK look longer, and by reworking the rubber seals the GMH engineers were able to give the VK a squarer, more prominent look. The inside was to come in for a substantial makeover too, although the newly squared-off design of the instruments was not to everyones liking.
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